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Idea management software from a simple brainstorming to complex end-to-end processes.

There is often a desire to grasp the ideas of an organization in a long-term and systematic way. In addition to important system criteria, it is important to recognize one’s own needs. So why are idea management systems needed? In another Medium article, we describe which software systems are suitable for which industries and situations.

Suppose an R&D-focused organization in a pharmaceutical company. It wants to better manage and evaluate its own ideas, but at the same time it needs to monitor IP-management and competing products. In addition, it should keep up to date with current research results from academia on an ongoing basis. In this example, it would be worthwhile to examine the ideation product segment with integrated knowledge management.

Another example are industrial companies with the desire to digitize their continuous improvement processes. In the case of idea management software, a new segment has emerged here as well. It prioritizes usability and mobile access  in order to document ideas quickly. In a multi-medial manner workers in factories, at construction sites and installations become a source of innovations.

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