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Sensaco ist seit 2002 eine Schweizer Beratungsfirma Im Bereich Innovationsmanagement und Information Security.

Die Dienstleistungen umfassen Beratung und Engineering-Konzepte für Start-ups, KMU und Grossfirmen. Im weiteren beraten wir Investoren und Forschungsorganisationen.


Nathalie Weiler

Founder, Partner and Consultant in Information Security

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Nathalie is an Experienced Chief Information Security Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Application Security Architecture, Computer Science, IT Strategy, Secure Communications, and Java. Strong information technology professional with a Dr. sc. techn. focused in PhD in Technical Sciences (Computer Science) from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich.

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George Fankhauser

Founder, Partner and Consultant in Innovation Management

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Innovation consultant and R&D leader with more than 20 years of industry experience managing global, inter-disciplinary teams. His past positions range from leading small teams including several startups to MNCs with a deep dive into research, development, manufacturing and product management.
He successfully managed change projects in software development, automation, agile innovation processes and platform management. Furthermore, as a facilitator and inventor he actively participates in the creative process. With experience in a broad range of innovation frameworks and tools (DT, TRIZ, BMI, 3 Horizons, MVP, …) he is able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.
As a former project portfolio leader and coach his working style has always been structured and people-oriented ensuring timely results.

Area of expertise:

Strategy and business models
Innovation processes, hybrid agile/stage-gate implementations
Digitalization and eco-systems
Design Thinking facilitation (Stanford/HPI)
Product development, R&D management, and simulation
Industrialization (smart factories, Industry 4.0), design for manufacturing and cost optimization
Hard- and software design, platform architecture and management (large scale, full-stack and embedded systems)
Networks and protocols, sensors, actuators, IoT
Industries: manufacturing, measurement instruments, medtech, industrial automation, building technology, access systems, telecommunications, media, not-for-profit, VC/new ventures


MSc/PhD in Computer Science and Computer Networking from ETH Zürich
General Management and Innovation Management degrees from IMD and Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development


Innovation360 is a partner of Sensaco providing its core framework and InnoSurvey™ tool.

De Agostini Consulting GmbH is a partner in product development and technology (sensors, electro chemistry, ion analytics, galvanics and wafer processing).


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