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The average length of stay in years of companies in S&P500 (rolling 7 years, forecast 2018-2030).

The survival rate of firms

Did you know that the survival rate of firms is falling sharply? On the one hand, this is due to specific and often disruptive technologies that are not adopted by incumbents, and on the other hand, statistics also show that the number of start-ups in these areas is on the rise. "Disruption" usually comes from small and agile companies, which…

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Innovation types

In our framework, we use 7 innovation types: Business Model Services Products Processes Organizational Structures Management System Production A deep dive in 16 aspects and 66 skills answers the question of how unused types can be built up and realized. For example, there are strong service organizations, but they hide the product and business model areas too much. Products are…

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Trends in Innovation Management: Search Queries in Switzerland (L5Y)

Long-term trends in innovation management Trends in innovation management as a search term is a stable indicator over the last five years. Along go open innovation, strategic innovation, and other refinements. Surprisingly, the term "disruptive technology" is both stronger and increasingly applied over the same time span. Recent trends As a recent development innovators get increasingly interested in following standards for…

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