Innovation Metrics

Innovation metrics

Innovation metrics and indicators are often difficult to find and apply. Not many leaders are able to show current dashboards with 3-5 simple KPIs.

Looking at past research there is no shortage of metrics though. In a recent survey over 200 metrics and indicators were mentioned in more than 400 instances of literature. The can be classified by the

  • process phase: comparing input, throughput and output metrics, often called leading or lagging indicators
  • area of measurement: related to product development, strategy, organisation etc.
  • expression in qualitative or quantitative terms.


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Innovation Strategy and Leadership Style

There are well known innovation strategy and leadership archetypes beyond incremental innovation (also known as spiral staircase): Experimenters who put available ingredients into a lab reactor or cauldron to see what happens Builders and growers on fertile fields of adjacent businesses Hunters of outside innovations, trying to catch up eating others (“pacman style”) Explorers, going the extra mile and risk…

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