Our clients are mostly in manufacturing and ICT as our roots are in engineering, product and software development as well as network design. However, more industries supported include manufacturing, measurement instruments, medtech, industrial automation, building technology, access systems, telecommunications, media, not-for-profit, and VC/new ventures.

Who we work with

Executives & Innovation Responsibles

We work with leaders to improve innovation and strategy for sustainable growth and profit across horizons.

Business Unit Heads, R&D Leaders, and Product Managers

We work with domain experts to improve roadmaps, project portfolios, processes and practice for long-term success.

Consultants and Advisors

We support a network of like-minded consultants and advisors that want to help their clients innovate and sustain effective development.


Engineering services

Hard- and software platforms for industrial products and consumer devices, integrated into IoT-ready cloud solutions

Product platform evaluation and definition

For medium and larger clients we provide the business case and analysis, based on your marketing roadmap and technology baseline. If the case proves a positive NPV we help to establish requirements, QFD as well as resulting concepts and architectures.

Sensaco partners with global software developers to build proof of concept systems running on commercial of the shelf hardware.

pcba with mobile processor


Platform architecture and design

Over the past 20 years we have designed hardware and software platforms for

  • Consumer electronics
  • Laboratory, measurement and analytical instruments
  • Components used in building technology
  • Other industrial applications with various sensing, HMI/GUI and cloud management requirements

More than 10 designs have been completed with 5+ million nodes in the field. 

They are using ARM, x86, MIPS and other microarchitectures running various RTOS and Linux operating systems.


Networked Sensing

In the context of HW/SW platforms we apply environmental sensing (temperature, vibration, position, chemical composition, etc.) for industrial and medical applications.

With a deeper understanding of discrete and MEMS sensors for a multitude of physical properties we support manufacturing companies in designing, in-sourcing and marketing digital sensor platforms.

For technology-driven firms Sensaco is able to support you with strategy, portfolio positioning and business development. 


Sensaco currently offers the following Industry courses, and company-specific workshops. They are available at on- or off-site locations.

Introduction to innovation management systems and processes.

This seminar is based on “How to build an innovation system within 90 days”.

Get in touch here: Innovation management training

How to establish and run a good idea management system

Get in touch here: Contact training / workshop ideation


Sensaco is reviewing research proposals in the field of system, network and software security, network architectures including IoT, wireless, and industrial software along all phases of a research project.