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Innovation Management System Standard

ISO 56002 serves as a new standard and guidance. Although there are no certifications yet internal audits can be conducted to get a baseline regarding a firm’s innovation management system stands.

The checklist we use at Sensaco is based on ISO 56002 guidance, our own assessment templates and is structured according the 8 pillars with the following principles:

Strategic direction

Culture of innovation

Leadership and vision

Managing uncertainty

Adaptibility and agility

Systems approach

Exploiting insights

Realization of value

Many questions during the audit circle around the 4-diamonds innovation model and practical implementation issues in an innovation management system.

The innovation management system assessment or internal audit covers the functional process areas as described in the standard’s main sections:

Organization and context





Performance evaluation


iso56002 model


Such an assessment follows the IMA standard as described in ISO 56004 with the ultimate goal to provide a regular basis for improvements and projects regarding the innovation management system including governance.

If you need a certified auditor to conduct an IMA or rather feel ready for internal audit please contact us for an offer. An assessment or audit is introduced at management level, prepared offline and finalized during a half-day workshop. If you need to dive deeper we recommend an assessment with analytics and benchmarking based on InnoSurvey.

Furthermore, specific topics such as

  • ISO 56005: Strategic intelligence
  • ISO 56006: IP management
  • ISO 56007: Idea management

may be covered in follow-up workshops.

Example report: iAuditor ISO 56002 Internal Audit

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