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There are well known innovation strategy and leadership archetypes beyond incremental innovation (also known as spiral staircase):

  1. Experimenters who put available ingredients into a lab reactor or cauldron to see what happens
  2. Builders and growers on fertile fields of adjacent businesses
  3. Hunters of outside innovations, trying to catch up eating others (“pacman style”)
  4. Explorers, going the extra mile and risk to develop radically new ideas

An internal focus is often associated with a technology driving strategy while externally focused strategies work on the discovery of needs and markets.

Stratety and strategy type, fit/gap, aspiration and capabilities are discovered during an innovation assessment.

Example: innovative mechatronic firm is struggling to “see” innovations in software and networked sensors. Which strategies could be useful get into H2/H3 projects?

Innovation strategy and leadership style are clearly defined by the innovation framework (e.g. innovation360, lean innovation, etc.) used.

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