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Digital idea collections

Documentation of innovation projects, experiments, field studies, workshop results and more pile up quickly.

While their creation is mostly an analog process, collection and selection must be structured and digital as soon as ideas and insights are generated.

There is an abundance of digital idea collection software systems to support this process. To succeed, criteria such as usability, scalability and collaboration must be applied. The following chart highlights their relation to specific features:

idea management system criteria
Idea management system criteria: usability, scalability, informed decisions, collaboration.

The feature list includes: 

  • Searching, sorting and filtering in digital idea collections
  • Management of large number of ideas, picture, documents, voice memo, videos
  • Grouping and clustering
  • Scenarios and comparisons
  • Reviews and experiment design
  • Expert assessment 
  • Hypothesis formulation and test planning 
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Data management: privacy regulations, integration into an existing system, APIs, import, export
  • Readable reports
  • Manage key structures
  • Mapping your company’s strategic initiatives
  • Dashboards for both status and progress related metrics
  • Minimal but flexible process definition
  • Classifications like stageshorizons H1/H2/H3, regions
  • Portfolios views, e.g. take any 2 dimensions for visualization?
  • Quick and spontaneous; a mobile-first idea submission
  • Media material needs to be annotated and enriched
  • Is the crowd used, e.g. can you convert a service complaint into a constructive feedback?
  • Participation: feedback at each stage of idea transformation
  • Commentary function
  • Gamification: leaderboards, badges and virtual incentives for users.
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Concept of campaigning
  • Support for iterations, collaboration, and communication

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A comprehensive overview is given in this blog article.

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