Idea Management

viima solutions partner

viima Idea Management is a playful way to collect and develop ideas.

With the mobile application and the interactive boards, creative processes are quickly captured.

As a certified viima partner and consultant in innovation management, Sensaco offers a fast installation and optimized development of the idea processes.

Whether customer observations of the service organization, R&D ideas or CIP inputs from production, all ideas are immediately documented in the right place.


Basic Idea Management

Pay for active users
5 Monthly/User
  • Unlimited Idea Boards

  • Technical support

  • Analysis tools, innvoration metrics and more...

  • Setup in self-operation

Idea Management Customized

Configured process and innovation metrics
299 Setup
  • Collect ideas, desktop and mobile

  • Develop ideas, experiments and evaluations

  • Analyses and innovation metrics

  • Prioritization of projects and portfolio