Innovative strength of your competition

You know the market and your competition.

But don’t you want to know your strength compared to the innovative strength of your competition?

  • All innovation systems share the same roots and principles, so standardised benchmarking is possible…
  • More than 6000 organisations have done it.
  • You will get answers such as
    • Can you express your innovation strategy?
    • Does your company innovate beyond incremental improvements?
    • Can you place your product portfolio and roadmap on an S-curve?
    • What’s the competition’s innovation focus in terms of innovation types?
    • How are top-performing teams structured, what persona are most looked for?

Learnings from cross-industry analysis to improve your innovative strength

Comparing your innovation profile and metrics with non-competing industries is another source of inspiration. Applying business model innovation, adopting new service schemes or supply chain structures is often more plausible after analysing a successful transformation elsewhere.

Increasing the innovative strength is only possible if you understand the innovation metrics involved. Going beyond generic innovation metrics such as

  • R&D-rate,
  • new products’ sales ration,
  • number of patents files or
  • ideas submitted,

requires an intimate analysis of your current innovation system. A systematic overview an approach is given as an inspiration in this IEEE Engineering Management Review Paper.

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