Data-driven Business Models

Data-driven Business Models Lecture On this page you can find the slides from my lecture on data-driven business models. For more material and updates please visit the HSLU page regarding the Master of Science in Applied Information and Data Science. Depending on modules, amount of exercises and discussion in class, this lecture scales from 3 hrs to 1 day. Part…

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From product innovation to innovation systems…
Source: Bosch Rexroth, Industry 4.0

From product innovation to innovation systems…

From product innovation to innovation systems... ...and the role of software We frequently encounter organizations transforming their innovation systems and organization “on-the-go”. In recent projects we had the situation that traditional, well-doing companies have forgotten how to innovate. Some of these firms date back more than a 100 years and have seen significant phases of growth, all associated with innovations…

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ISO 56002: Innovation Management System Guidance

The committee on Innovation Management, ISO/TC 279, has been working on a convergent view of how innovation management systems are structured. The result is the "ISO 56002:2019 Innovation Management System — Guidance". This guide acknowledges the importance of a structured system for innovation in any organisation that needs to adapt, respond and change to its market environment pursue new opportunities…

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Innovation Metrics

Innovation metrics

Innovation metrics and indicators are often difficult to find and apply. Not many leaders are able to show current dashboards with 3-5 simple KPIs.

Looking at past research there is no shortage of metrics though. In a recent survey over 200 metrics and indicators were mentioned in more than 400 instances of literature. The can be classified by the

  • process phase: comparing input, throughput and output metrics, often called leading or lagging indicators
  • area of measurement: related to product development, strategy, organisation etc.
  • expression in qualitative or quantitative terms.


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